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Lovie Creer and Laila Creer - Teenage Entrepreneur - LovLai Body Treats

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Lovie Creer and Laila Creer

Creer sisters start their own business, LovLai Body Treats

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Lovie Creer and Laila Creer, Founders
LovLai Body Treats

Image of Havisha Magatapalli By Havisha Magatapalli and Sriya Chatterjee

Lovie Creer from LovLai Body Treats standing near a buildingATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, April 29, 2020. Having a sister is like having a best friend you cannot get rid of, the duo Lovie Creer,16, and Laila Creer, 13, put together their bond and started LovLai Body Treats - natural handmade soft body scrubs, bath soaks, bath fizzes and soaps.

Creers’ idea kicked off 4 months ago, with their mother mentoring them through the process. Everything has a story behind it, just like LovLai Body Treats. The duo’s parents have been fostering for 18 years and usually, children who come into their care tend to have bad skin or damaged hair due to stressed conditions. The children in their care would enjoy the refreshing baths with handmade bath products designed by my mother. They felt extremely happy and overwhelmed in washing, soaking, and bathing in with the handmade products made by their mother. The sister asked their mother if they could amplify her home-made products to vend into the trade. She was overwhelmed with them for being such great business tycoons and persuaded them to put their names together for their company.

Lovie Creer and Laila Creer from LovLai Body Treats The budding entrepreneurs believe in creating their own wealth primarily by working good enough for themselves,as to work for someone else to make them wealthy. So, with the help of their parents, the girls were not required to raise any fund or bootstrap and were able to start their company with $2500.00. They started selling their products to their family, friends and neighbours.”

With an aim to be their own bosses and have their own voices they started serving young girls and teenagers at first. Customers have always come back with a positive review and were satisfied with their all-natural ingredients and oils. Customers were especially fond of the products which have jojoba, coconut, hemp, grape seed, avocado and almond oils as they are regarded the best for people’s skin and for bathing so that people have a soothing experience.

The Creers’ are thrilled to launch their products and intend to expand their business by vending at events, selling products online by staying committed and consistent to our product and brand. Things cannot magically become a success overnight people always come across hurdles. People learn from their mistakes! The girls had made one such mistake when they had given away too much of their products to friends. Luckily, they have learnt from their mistake and realized that no matter how excited you are about something, patience is always the key to success.

“If not now, then when?” is the favourite motivational quote and they have shown that they abide by this quote by starting their business at such a young age.  “promote promote promote!” is the vision for the rest of the year. They plan to expand the business to achieve a business licence and LLC.  The pair hopes to become successful businesswomen in the future!

LovLai Body Treats LogoLovLai Body Treats product image

When asked about any formal advisors or mentors in their venture, the promising teenage entrepreneurs said that they watch a lot of YouTube for motivation. Nothing is better than family so since their childhood, their mom is their role model who loves flexible schedules, in creating her own happiness, wealth and opportunities.

Mornings filled with excitement, love for seafood with fun-filled singing and dancing while enjoying movies is usually the work over of the week’s schedule for the Creers’. When asked about the secret in getting through the workweek, the Creers’, presumed that it was their family along with each other’s support. The siblings also love reading motivational books and teen novels and have a keen interest in volunteering.

The enthusiastic Creers’ are willing to mentor and guide anyone who wishes to launch a start-up similar to theirs and share that “You should find whatever makes you smile; people will support a smiling face.”

Havisha Magatapalli is pursuing second-year Aerospace Engineering from the University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies.

Sriya Chatterjee is featured story contributor in our Media team. Sriya is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and is pursuing her BTech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

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