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Nikita Rai  |  Oct. 17, 2020, 11:02 a.m.

As a young entrepreneur, one needs to manage so many things such as brand identity, customers, management of goods/services, and the list continues. Business is all about maintaining effective communication between the brand and the customers, and that largely depends on the process through which you are providing them your goods/services. If you have a growing business or a beginning startup, investing in a website to sell goods/services might give second thoughts because it is a lot of investment of time and money. Well, LeadCart offers a solution to just that.

LeadCart is a Shopping Cart Software that gives you the flexibility to sell your products/services online without investing in expensive websites. It helps you to convert more sales and maximize your profits online. It is the right website to help your business gain recognition and stay connected with the customers. It will provide you a platform to be consistent and increase your customer base. But that's not all! We have great news for all the young entrepreneurs on Teenivo and Teenager Startups.

We, at Teenager Startups, are announcing the partnership of Teenivo and Leadcart. This partnership has brought a contest for our young entrepreneurs in which they can participate and win a Free Lifetime Deal at LeadCart! The deal is actually priced at $199/month, but here you can win it for free! Let us begin by knowing a few things about Leadcart and its features. After that, the process and rules of participation are mentioned.

Once you visit the website leadcart.iothis is how the homepage looks like. The image below also shows who all LeadCart is for.

Here are the features of the website:

But that's not all. There are many features that make your experience smooth and interesting such as forming a community and selecting a template according to your requirements. Take a look below:

You can get a Free Demo on the website and take a look at LeadCart's Blog.

Here’s how you can participate:

Time Period= 6 months – November 2020 to April 2021
Number of Winners: One winner each month
Method of Selection:     Transparent Draw
Award: Premium plan (priced at $199/month) at for lifetime free use.
Age-limit: Any young entrepreneur below the age of 20.

There are 4 options to participate in the contest:

Submit your business story on + create a profile on 50 entries(Bonanza Entry)
Only create a profile on teenivo.com10 entries
Only Submit your story on teenagerstartups.com10 entries
Use the Dashboard to invite Friends. You will be allotted your code to invite your friends. You can send as many invites as you want.For every invite sent = 1 pending entry.  On confirmation of the email and phone number of the invitee, both get 1 entry each. 

To submit your story and invite your friends, follow these steps:

1. Signup on if you are a new member or login if you are already registered.

2. Once you are on your profile, you will find a 'Submit your Story' Button. And when you scroll down, you will get your invite code. Click on the 'Invite Friend' Button and invite as many friends as you want to. They will receive a confirmation mail to confirm their Email ID and Phone No.

3.To see how you can create a profile on and to know its features, refer to the following blog

So, this is for all the enthusiastic young entrepreneurs out there. This contest might prove a game-changer for your startup. Go ahead and register! 

last updated at Oct. 29, 2020, 10:38 p.m. UTC

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