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Teenager Startups - keeping hard-to-recycle items out of landfills

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Brittanny Belanger

Brittanny Belanger is setting up collection routes and drop-off locations around town to collect hard-to-recycle items

Brittanny Belanger
Image Credit: Capital Current

Entrepreneur Name: Brittanny Belanger

Business Name: Earthub, Ottawa, Canada

Brittany founded her non-profit environmental organization Earthub in January 2019. She has set up drop-off locations and collection routes across Ottawa for a number of hard-to-recycle items. Many of these things can be recycled and used again. There are certain things which people can't avoid but they add to the landfills. The only solution to this problem is to divert them elsewhere

She ships those items to those in need but it too adds to the emission of greenhouse gases. "Every new solution comes with a new problem" is what she says. But organisations like Earthhub are a great start towards something good."

Living near a carp dump and witnessing it regularly makes her realise that what we throw out goes somewhere and is still present on this planet. For Belanger, even small changes feel like a victory.

Source (Capital Current):

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