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Teenager Startups - Wiseper aims to address the lack of reliable information

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Fatemeh Mirzaei

Wiseper aims to address the lack of reliable information

Fatemeh Mirzaei
Image Credit: UC Santa Cruz

Entrepreneur Name: Fatemeh Mirzaei

Business Name: Wiseper, California, United States

Mirzae co-founded Wiseper in 2019 which aims to tackle the problem of misinformation. It is a social platform with an artificial intelligence component that enables users to collaboratively build context and resources around a topic. It covers topics related to health, finance, vaccine, social media, etc. It will help us check the facts and provide us with reliable information

Mirzae is selected for Fall 2020 Launchpad fellowship program. It includes a $5,000 grant and 8 weeks of entrepreneurial resources, mentoring, and support. She thins its a great way to connect to like-minded successful companies and entrepreneurs and learn from their success and failures.

Source (UC Santa Cruz):

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