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Teenager Startups - Marley and Zoe Macris teens own Scrunchies By Mar startup

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Marley Macris and Zoe Macris

Marley Macris and Zoe Macris

Marley Macris and Zoe Macris
Image Credit: Seattle Refined

Entrepreneur Name: Marley Macris and Zoe Macris

Business Name: Scrunchie by Mars, Snohomish County, USA

In case you haven’t noticed, the once popular hair accessory, are again hitting the fashion scene. In fact, all things 90’s are back at it! From toddlers to millennial moms, scrunchies in all sorts of patterns and textures are donning wrists and ponytails alike. It was with this rise in popularity that Marley had an idea.

Source (Seattle Refined):

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