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Teenager Startups - Teenpreneur makes international coronavirus PPE deal

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Wesley Ross

Wesley Ross, 16, a teenage teenpreneur secures government contracts

Wesley Ross
Image Credit: Twincities

Entrepreneur Name: Wesley Ross, (Age: 16)

Business Name: NorthStar Dynamics, Woodbury, New York, United States

Wesley Ross is a 16-year-old Teenage entrepreneur started his page in the entrepreneurial world with the company, NorthStar Dynamics. NorthStar Dynamics bids on and fulfils government contracts holds a pile of his business paperwork at his Woodbury home, June 3, 2020. America didn’t care that Wesley was 15, living in Woodbury and operating from a messy desk laden with Legos and an Xbox. The teenager said he had always tried to do big things and was not meant to be an everyday high-schooler.

He said that he got them for 41 cents per mask. The disposable three-ply masks are only a small part of the business that the brash and unstoppable Wesley has been able to grab. As a bottom feeder for government contracts, the rising junior has carved a niche in the business world. He bids on contracts too small to get the attention of most businesses. He’s not filling orders for $2 billion B-2 stealth bombers. But if a prison needs copy paper, or a hospital needs 50 office chairs, Wesley is on it.

, Unlike his other deals, the coronavirus masks purchase did not come through the federal government. Instead, he bought the cache straight from a company in China and had them shipped to his grandparents’ house in Georgia. He placed ads online and before long, trucks began backing up to the house. He said that his goal with the masks was to get them to the public as fast as possible. He donated 250 masks for every 1,000 masks he sold and gave 25 per cent of his revenue for coronavirus relief. Since finding success with the masks, he has branched out into supplying businesses. The website now has 285 products, but he says he can get anything a business needs. He wants to be a one-stop-shop for businesses. Wesley has no immediate plans for a more impressive headquarters.

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