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Teenager Startups - Teenager feeds people of scissortail

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Payton Bean

Payton feeds Scissortail park people by keeping things simple yet delicious

Payton Bean selling hotdogs
Image Credit: Fox 25

Entrepreneur Name: Payton Bean, (Age: 17)

Business Name: Metro Coneys, Yukon, Oklahoma, USA

With an aim of passing on the startup culture to his future generations and teach his eldest son some skills, Payton's dad Richie helped his son start Metro Coneys, a hotdog stall in Scissortail park. Metro Coneys was started in January but when the COVID hit in March they had to take a break. Payton restarted the stall in late July and aims to keep it simple.

As the business demands outdoor presence Payton uses pre-packaged condiments so that he can single-handedly manage the store. He finds the manual labour part easy but keeping books is something he feels like a lesson. Richie feels that it is necessary to train Payton to run the business on his own.

For now, Richie pays for all the stocks so Payton doesn't get all the profits. But once he starts paying for the stocks he'll get all the profit and that will help him go to college and follow his dreams.

Metro Coneys is open Monday thru Friday from 11:00 am to 5 pm and even on evenings of Friday and Saturday in Scissortail park.

Source (Fox 25):

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