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Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Reshma Kanase  |  Sept. 19, 2020, 4:45 a.m.

Every individual has some dreams and strives to fulfill them, few achieve success in their path, but some fail. Success is not just a coincidence; one has to put in efforts to become successful in his venture, therefore it is also rightly said - no pains, no gains. 


So here are some qualities to which an entrepreneur needs to abide by sincerely, to become a successful founder of a startup.

1.Determined: A founder needs to set long term and short term goals and has to stay motivated and be confident throughout his bittersweet journey, to turn his dreams into reality.


2.Learn: A founder should be an avid reader and an eager learner. Being a founder of an enterprise, in the absence of any employee, he should be able to take forward the task. Also, having some extra knowledge makes the founder have better insights over the other areas of the enterprise and it helps to fix things immediately.


3.Lively: An entrepreneur needs to be a lively and cheerful person, to uplift the energy in his employees, so they work harder and therefore enhance the growth rate of the enterprise.


4.Loyal: A founder needs to gain the trust of every individual and be loyal to them which will enable the enterprise to reach greater heights. Every individual associated with the enterprise, the customers, employees, the client should have faith in the enterprise/brand.


5.Change: An entrepreneur should be able to adapt to the changes since every other day there are new developments in every field. Also, a teenage entrepreneur in several instances is in a dilemma about changing their path towards entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for a teenage entrepreneur to be flexible to changes- while selecting entrepreneurship over job and even during the entrepreneurial journey.


6.Consistent: Being consistent to provide a service or a product is a major requisite for a brand to make an identity in the market as a newbie. Consistency and integrity come hand in hand, one needs to be consistent and have integrity towards his work to be successful.


7.Creative: Being creative and inventive and makes your business model stand out and also places your business on top of other pre-existing successful enterprises.


8.Communication: Excellent communication skill is required in every profession to be successful in the venture. A founder can win over people with good communication skills. It is required for convincing investors, customers, and also for convincing an employee to chip in your startup.


9.Positive: Being positive and optimistic about your business prototype is essential. A founder needs to have positive thoughts, by doing this he is halfway to success. Staying peaceful and calm within makes a person more productive. One should always cultivate positive thoughts for positive things to happen around.


10.Patient: A founder of a startup always has a lot of responsibilities and stress, so being calm and patient will make you more productive and keep you from many health issues. Several researchers have shown that stress leads to cardiac diseases. The human cardiac muscle cells do not repair after being damaged by stress, so it is essential to be calm, patient, and positive and always select your health over any project.


The path to success is neither easy, nor it is difficult, 

but what is required is integrity and faith in your vision.





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